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Sarenville is a sample-based laidback beat-loving alternative hiphop-rooted band with an attitude. As the band experimented, the tracks emerged serendipitously, featuring rich arrangements of hiphop beat production with orchestral samples, lush vocal layers and live musicianship. The band members honed their chops in the last two decades playing different genres.

Sarenville is also a place where musicians come together and play. There’s room for happy mistakes, genre clashes and general freakiness.

Sarenville is:

Richard Smulders – drums, beats & sample programming, arrangements
Warner Werkhoven – Rhodes, synths & effects, arrangements
Katrien van de Camp – vocals & lyrics
Jack Hoefnagel – bass, arrangements

Guest musicians:
Edward Capel – saxes
Martijn Maas – bass, guitar, arrangements

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Band from Eindhoven releases versatile debut album with uncompromising music

14 May 2018, text: Anke Langelaan
Sarenville 3voor12 Radio Broadcast
Sarenville 3voor12 Radio Broadcast

Sarenville brings a new fresh sound from Eindhoven

So What’s Next Festival 2018

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